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As GOBIT, we are an authorised partner of IT solutions for business. Beside IT equipment and accessories, we also offer a broad range of software for companies as well as services related to the implementation and modification of the provided systems.

We also provide IT outsourcing services, entailing the delegation of some or all tasks related to the maintenance of computer networks and IT infrastructure to our in-house specialists, reducing costs and ensuring continuity of operation.

GOBIT is a long-term, professional and well-experienced IT partner, providing its services for enterprises from all over the EU. The computer hardware, software and IT outsourcing services we offer allow our customers to achieve and maintain market superiority on the basis of the latest trends. Every Customer may hope for tailored solutions. With us, you will achieve effective and lasting results!

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It is the objective of GOBIT to provide customers with modern solutions and services, thanks to authorised partnerships with suppliers of business IT solutions. We aim to be an authorised partner of business IT solutions suppliers. In terms of customer-contractor relationships, we bet on comprehensive services – from software implementation all the way to long-term support. We have long years of experience, hence, as the IT industry grows, we want to introduce the most innovative products into our offer.

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The objective of our work is to be able to serve the Customer as best as possible, and, accordingly, for them to be satisfied with the products and services we offer. We know that the help we provide in terms of consulting or the implementation of new software is indispensable. However, the innovation capacity and our long-term experience allow us to offer top quality services and products that fulfil the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

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Our offer
- professional IT services


We provide high-quality computer equipment, laptops, printers, multifunctional devices as well as servers and network components.


Our offer includes software based on the latest solutions, dedicated for public authorities and business customers.

IT support

We provide full and partial IT support, help businesses to optimise IT infrastructure costs.

Electronic signature

We are an authorised partner of Certum by Asseco. We offer the possibility of registration of qualified electronic signatures.

Electronic identity cards

A new form of school identity cards according to the ID-1 standard, the same one that is used for personal identity ...

Equipment for your school

Our company offers the sale of display screens and interactive boards and terminal technology using vCloudPoint.


We provide high-quality computer equipment, laptops, printers, multifunctional devices as well as servers and network components. Our offer also includes equipment tailored to the needs of schools, such as interactive boards and projectors. Our showroom also includes a broad variety of printing inks, toners and operating materials for many types of printers and multifunctional devices.
Our offer also includes print management services – using e. g. Brother, Sharp or Kyocera equipment. This entails the comprehensive provision of maintenance and operation services for printing equipment at your facility. During the contract term, you only pay a fee per printed page, with any materials and service equipment (e. g. toners, drums, heating components, rollers) delivered to you free of charge, directly from the manufacturer. Save on operating costs thanks to a Print Service Management contract.


Professional advice

We will advise you on the purchase of equipment offering the best price-performance ratio.


Competitive prices

Here, you will find computer hardware fit for every budget.


We have been delivering software and implementing business and company management software for years.



Frequently awarded IT security software. Solutions offered by ESET offer fail-safe security against cyberattacks, based on the knowledge of the best experts as well as advanced machine learning capacities. It provides multi-layered and proactive protection for many platforms: Windows, mac OS and Android.



The leading e-mail archiving solution. Thanks to the Mailstore Server, companies may make use of all capacities offered by modern and secure e-mail archiving. The software creates 1:1 copies of all e-mail messages at its central archive, to ensure security and availability of big data volumes over many years.



As an official Partner of InsERT, we provide and implement one of Poland’s most popular company and accounting software packages – the Insert GT, which is adapted to the following tasks: sales and warehousing (Subiekt GT, Subiekt nexo and Subiekt nexo PRO), CRM and customer service (Gestor GT, Gestor nexo and Gestor nexo PRO), invoicing (Subiekt 123), personnel and payroll (Gratyfikant GT, Gratyfikant nexo and Gratyfikant nexo PRO), full accounting (Rewizor GT, Rewizor nexo and Rewizor nexo PRO), revenue and expense ledger (Rachmistrz GT, Rachmistrz nexo and Rachmistrz nexo PRO), accounting agency software (Biuro GT, Biuro nexo and the Biuro Portal), as well as other solutions (Vendero i zarezerwuj.pl).

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Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, we provide full-scope software, licences and solutions, including e. g. server systems from the Windows Server line, Windows 10/ 11 operating systems, the Office suite, Office 365/ Microsoft 365 services, special licences: MOLP/ GOV/ EDU.

IT Support

For several years now, GOBIT has been providing IT support services for businesses seeking to optimise their expenses related to services in this sector. Our services in this regard cover in most cases full end-user support, LAN/ WAN network management, server infrastructure, security infrastructure as well as IT process management according to the latest standards and recommendations from the SLA.


Remote help

The technical support department is a multichannel point of contact with the IT specialist team. Providing full end-user support, it is responsible for handling of submissions, contractual reporting as well as resolving IT infrastructure issues.


Implementation services

We deal in the implementation of IT systems to support the operation of businesses and institutions. Even if your contract is minor, you get a professional team that is ready to work for you. We will take care of the maintenance, development, stability and security of your system. Employee changes and absences will no longer affect you. We will take care of business continuity.

Electronic signature

Order and pick up your electronic signature. We are an authorised partner of Certum by Asecco. Our offer includes the e-signature in three variants: standard, mini and using the SimplySign app. The electronic signature we offer is 100% legally binding. If you want to sign faster, and more importantly – limit the document volume – make use of our offer.


Saving time and money

Sending documents on-line is very comfortable and inexpensive. Thanks to this ability, you can forget about printing, filling in and sending documents.


Facilitate your work

The number of activities that you can perform on-line, keeps rising. Using your electronic signature, you can send official motions, submissions and statements to authorities.



The electronic signature allows you to complete important undertakings without you having to leave the house.

Elegitymacja szkolna Gorzów

Electronic identity cards

Electronic school identity cards are a modern and comfortable document for pupils and students in the form of a plastic card made according to the standard ID-1, the same one that is used for personal identity cards in Poland.

Our offer includes ready documents, blanks or a complete set to personalise the cards at your facility.


Usługi wdrożeniowe

Zajmujemy się wdrażaniem systemów IT wspomagających działania przedsiębiorstw i instytucji. Nawet przy niedużym zamówieniu zyskujesz profesjonalny, gotowy do pracy zespół. Zadbamy o utrzymanie, rozwój, stabilność i bezpieczeństwo Twojego systemu. Rotacja pracowników i ich niedyspozycja już nie będzie Ciebie dotyczyć. To my zadbamy o ciągłość działania.

Pracownie terminalowe

Equipment for your school

Comprehensive equipment for your school:

  • Display screens and interactive boards
  • Terminal labs
  • Computer hardware and software
  • IT support
  • Servers and network devices
  • Printing equipment


Oszczędność czasu i pieniędzy

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